Theme tours and interactive programmes 2017
Only valid in combination with an admission ticket
A bicycle tour of Kizhi island

This tour is designed for those who love active holidays.

The transfer to Kizhi is charged separately ➲

The most remote parts of the island hide touching landscapes and charming chapels away from the lively tourist routes. This is for those who choose to go for a bicycle after the main exhibition tour to reveal the unknown Kizhi. The path length is 8 km.

Bike rental (60 min.): 300 RUB/person

Only valid in combination with an admission ticket.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum ticket office on Kizhi island.

  • 8 km
  • 300 RUB/person
  • Bike rental
  • Age-old Kizhi villages
  • Wonderful views.
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